More Updates!

Exciting updates ahead at Http://!

I have uploaded some info on:

The Cathedral ranges, including Ned’s Gully, Cooks Mill and Farmyard

I have made a big effort to make some updates on several other interesting things including My favourite camp sites.

I have updated some more information on Sympptoms of Dehydration , Carrying Water and Hydrating and info on what to carry for a day hike

I also wrote what I hope will be a very helpful article on Planning an overnight hike.

Please check in at Hike Australia often; I am updating more reguarly now!!

I plan to keep small updates going here as well, just linking back to the real site, this will help direct traffic to the right location on the odd occasion that it comes here instead. Believe it or not, I get about 15 – 30 hits a week here even though I never updated it very much past the first week and a half!!


About Ben

Hiking and Camping from as young as 7, I was involved in Cub scouts, Scouts, Venturer's and even took a swing at Victorian branch abseiling commission (VABC) Abseiling instructor before I moved into the big smoke when I stopped being involved with scouting. I still love to spend time out-doors, and I consider my time in scouting to be largely responsible, though I do blame my parents as well!
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