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Hi all,

I have updated a few more times recently at my new blog, I have updated with a how to on reading a map among other things!! Thankyou Ali for keeping on my case about that one!

I have also been out to the dandenong ranges and Olinda Falls, recently.

I have started on some gear reviews including one for a Macpac Olympus. More of those to come.

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More Updates!

Exciting updates ahead at Http://!

I have uploaded some info on:

The Cathedral ranges, including Ned’s Gully, Cooks Mill and Farmyard

I have made a big effort to make some updates on several other interesting things including My favourite camp sites.

I have updated some more information on Sympptoms of Dehydration , Carrying Water and Hydrating and info on what to carry for a day hike

I also wrote what I hope will be a very helpful article on Planning an overnight hike.

Please check in at Hike Australia often; I am updating more reguarly now!!

I plan to keep small updates going here as well, just linking back to the real site, this will help direct traffic to the right location on the odd occasion that it comes here instead. Believe it or not, I get about 15 – 30 hits a week here even though I never updated it very much past the first week and a half!!

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Hike Australia

So I have registed a domain, and i figure i might as well link it from here as this will increase the SEO and all that jazz. Plus I suppose should it magically turn out that somebodsy is actually interested and finds this site, they can find a more regularly updated on elsewhere.

The site is “” or ““. Right now Im still waiting for the setup to be completed, then I will have to port over some articles; but it all begins with a simple link 🙂

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Wishful thinking

So it wasn’t “this evening” that i managed to get around to updating the blog. In fact, its been more than a week. I have decided to upgrade this website to a non-wordpress domain, at the suggestion of some Whirlpoolers. 🙂  In this stead, while i organise webhosting, I will continue to write, but eventually I will change the domain. This is due to WordPress being particularly un-interesting to Search engines, and I would like to make my way on to a decent ranking one day.

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Cathedral ranges page up

I have put up the beginning of an index for Cathedral ranges. I want to include some of the actual cathedral walks from Ned’s gully, which i dont have photos of here right now. I will hopefully work on some of that this evening.

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Another day, Another post

I have begun to write some info regarding how much water you should carry and dehydration, I will be continuing it tomorrow or over the weekend.

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Cathedral Ranges: North Jawbone Peak

If you have read the “About me” you would know that I decided to start this blog because there is a lack of realistic or useful information out there for Hikers. I hope to provide you with, Lists for equipment, basic how-tos and information regarding good tracks, difficulties of gradients and general tips and tricks you can apply to your hiking.

The first will be from last weekend. We started from Jawbone car-park, and spent the night up near the Helipad and then Walked to the peak, before descending back down to Cooks Mill for lunch then return to the car to drive home in the afternoon.

The Cathedral ranges can be found about an Hour and a Half out of Melbourne, to the North east along the Maroondah Highway. You can find the turn off not too far after Buxton. There are a few marked camping sites, including Ned’s Gully, Cook’s Mill and Sugar Loaf. If you are interested in doing an overnight hike, there is also a site called Farmyard up on the Jawbone saddle, which is where we headed.

In terms of gradient, the ascent from Jawbone car park up to the Saddle is pretty intense; we have been training for Cup Weekend when we are going to be doing a Multi-day hike in the Victorian Alpine region, so we were carrying pretty heavy packs. There were several groups that appeared to do it in similar time to us without packs. I believe that if you took sufficient water, a decent lunch, and left by around 10am, there is no reason you couldn’t be done by 3pm, even with a reasonably long break at the top and several small ones along the way. The gradient can be quite steep, but it’s not too hard as long as you take it at a reasonable pace.


Looking up the track to Jawbone Car-Park from Cooks Mill track

North Jawbone Peak

North Jawbone Peak, Looking toward Sugar Loaf

I would rate this as about a medium in terms of difficulty, only because while the distance is quite short, (approximately 2.5K) the steepness of the slope can take a lot out of you if you’re unfit or un-prepared.

North Jawbone Peak from Jawbone Carpark

North Jawbone Peak from Jawbone Car park

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